My Adventures

“It’s a dangerous business, Frodo, going out your door. You step onto the road, and if you don’t keep your feet, there’s no knowing where you might be swept off to.”

– J.R.R. Tolkien

Big Adventures:

Spanish 3000s

Climbing 25 peaks in the Sierra Nevadas of southern Spain, all over 3000m above sea level. Camping or bivying in the Sierra Nevadas and doing

Rhine Source to Sea Cycle

Cycling the length of the Rhine, with my friend Alex, from source to sea – over 1200km and 16 days. How can I follow the

Irish 3 Peaks Ride

Climbing the 3 highest peaks in Southern Ireland and cycling between them on a tandem! What’s this about? Everybody’s heard of the 3 Peaks Challenge

All The Tors Challenge

Getting round all of Dartmoor’s tors by foot, self supported and wild camping. Distance 300km. What’s this about? No one has ever tried to walk

Cycling from Cambridge to Plymouth via Switzerland on a Tandem

50 days in Europe, 2276 miles cycled, 140 herons (don’t ask), 136 waves received, 87 midge bites, 83 performance enhancing pastries, 50 baguettes, 33 ice creams,

Smaller Adventures:

Lake District End to End Walk

Walking from the bottom right corner of the Lake District to the top left corner. In winter. What’s this about? There is no big story

The Tentacle Cycling Project

Start from your front door, with a map of your area. Cycle every yellow and orange road, spreading further and further as you go. The

Passing Your ML

Passing My Summer ML

Yes, really, in November. It was 5 years after I did the training course. Some help if you’re thinking of doing the same: What to Expect

Penzance To Plymouth

Cycling from Penzance to Plymouth on a tandem   The Route We took the train to Penzance and then started cycling back on Route 3.

Alpine Tour – Stubai Alps – AAC(UK)

Young Members’ Tour


Mini Adventures:

aka bits of my life.

  • I currently have a 20 mile cycle commute to work (and 20 miles back).
  • There are weeks when I spend almost every day on Dartmoor through Mountain Rescue and Ten Tors.
  • Once I walked 30 miles because I couldn’t be bothered to catch a bus.