I have been writing books since I was 11. Honestly. I’d take my ring bound folder pretty much everywhere – including once, memorably, for an accidental dip in a swimming pool in Crete. You can read more about my journey as a writer here.

This summer, I will be publishing an adventure narrative of my All the Tors Challenge. It’s a story for:

  • Dartmoor enthusiasts
  • Type 2 Fun enthusiasts
  • People who like walking a really long way
  • People who like reading about other people walking a really long way, from the comfort of their own home.

The plan is to get it released out into the wild before my birthday in mid-July 2020. Because that little Emily is outraged: I’m going to be turning 27 and I still haven’t started publishing novels and narratives.

UPDATE – THE BOOK IS OUT: you can purchase a copy in paperback or ebook here.

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