All The Tors Challenge Dartmoor – Complete List of Tors

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Calling all Dartmoor aficionados – I need your help with my list of tors! This September I’m going to walk all the tors on Dartmoor in one go in aid of Dartmoor Rescue Tavistock. (If you haven’t heard about this challenge, here’s the low down and here’s the fundraising page.)

If you are even a bit of a Dartmoor nerd, you probably just raised your eyebrows.

“ALL the tors?” I hear you ask, incredulous.

Yes, as a Dartmoor resident for most of my life, I know that “all” is very poorly defined on Dartmoor. In fact it’s contentious enough for people to have arguments about it. Some will say that it’s everything with “tor” in the name on a map. Others will say it includes every granite outcrop that anyone’s ever given a name to (resulting in counts ranging from 100s to 400s). If I am to do them all, I need to set a strict and obvious set of criteria.

Route Planning

I’m at the stage where I’ve almost finished planning my route for this challenge. But this is where I need your help. I’ve decided that “all” is going to be everything marked on OL28 as “something” space “tor” and withing the connected component of Open Access Land that makes up Dartmoor. I know there will be grumbles, but I need to draw the line somewhere. Sticking in Open Access means no trespassing and minimal (if any) walking on roads. Cutting it down to tors marked on the map means the challenge is achievable in one go, rather than a lifetime. It also makes it far easier to have a definite list.

About list: I think I have them all, but I need your help. Below are the 120 tors that I have found on OL28 within the large connected bit of Open Access. I think I have them all, but I’m not 100% sure.

Would you mind taking a look over and checking if there are any missing/extra, please? There are some that would really benefit from local tor-bagging knowledge, if you’re able to assist.

List of Tors

Note: This list contains all the tors which are listed on the Dartmoor OS 1:25000 map (OL28) as “something” space “tor” AND are in the connected component of Open Access Land. If you think I’ve missed one, please add it in the comments at the bottom of this post. Thank you!

No. Tor Comment
1 Cox
2 Boulters
3 White
4 Lynch
5 Nat
6 Ger
7 Hare
8 Sharp
9 Chat
10 Doe
11 Brat
12 Arms
13 Little Links
14 Great Links
15 Green
16 Kitty
17 Hunt
18 Gren
19 Sourton
20 Shelstone
21 Black
22 Lints
23 Dinger
24 Yes
25 West Mill
26 East Mill
27 Winter
28 Scarey
29 Belstone
30 Ivy Is this tor in an open access area?
31 Higher
32 Oke
33 Little Hound
34 Shilstone
35 Scorhill
36 Rival
37 Hound
38 Steeperton
39 Wild
40 Watern
41 Middle
42 Thornworthy
43 Birch
44 Hookney
45 Shapley
46 King
47 Hameldown
48 Wind
49 Leigh
50 Aish
51 Hockingston
52 Mel
53 Luckey
54 Sharp
55 Corndon
56 Yar
57 Huccaby
58 Laughter
59 Bellever
60 Arch
61 Hartland
62 Stannon
63 Sittaford
64 Lower White
65 Higher White
66 Longaford
67 Littaford
68 Crockern
69 Beardown
70 Crow
71 Rough
72 Flat
73 Fur
74 Devil
75 Lydford
76 Conies Down
77 South Hessary
78 Fox
79 Combestone
80 Bench
81 Shipley
82 Black
83 Sharp
84 Rook
85 Whitehill Is this tor in an open access area?
86 Blackalder Is this tor in an open access area?
87 Collard Is this tor in an open access area?
88 Hawk’s
89 Lower Trowlesworthy
90 Higher Trowlesworthy
91 Hen
92 Shavercombe
93 Calverslake
94 Lower Hartor
95 Higher Hartor
96 Eastern
97 Legis
98 Gutter
99 Sheeps
100 Down
101 Combeshead
102 Cramber
103 Hart
104 Black
105 Leeden
106 Leather
107 Ingra
108 King’s
109 North Hessary
110 Hollow
111 Rundlestone
112 Little Mis
113 Great Mis
114 Roos
115 Great Staple
116 Middle Staple
117 Little Staple
118 Heckwood
119 Pew
120 Feather

I’ve just noticed that I’ve missed Bagga Tor too, so that makes 121… and another slight route change.

Thank you very much for any help you can give!