Lenten Challenge: Why I’m Giving up Scrolling for Lent

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I’m tired of empty Lenten promises.

They’re all the same aren’t they?

I’ll give up chocolate this year. I’m sure I can manage for a month or so…

… but not on weekends of course, because obviously Lent doesn’t include weekends.

Or I’ll give up being unfit – I’ll do exercise every day/ week/ when I get round to it.

Forgot to cancel that unused gym subscription from January did we?


Joking aside… actually, wait one more!


When I was in secondary school, I never knew what to give up.

I didn’t eat sweets or chocolate regularly (that’s what comes from running the school tuck shop…) and I’ve just never been the kind of girl to go to a gym. Bleugh.

So, occasionally I would suggest giving up school…

Parents didn’t like that one much!


Okay, now actually joking aside, I challenge you to come up with something original to give up for Lent. Not something generic.

Because, like so many things, if you don’t actually believe in it you’ll never succeed.

You’ve got to commit.


One of the most interesting ones I’ve tried is giving up lying.

Everyone’s initial reaction is: “But I don’t lie much at all. I try to be really honest with people.”

Yes, okay, me too.

But that includes any slight untruths.

When your friends say, “Hey want to come round tonight?”

And you say, “Oh no sorry, I’m really busy…”

But actually you are going to spend all night in bed with Netflix, that’s lying.

You’re too scared to tell them the truth.


Tell them nicely, but tell them. And you might be surprised how well they react. You don’t need to pretend things because you think that’s what’ll be accepted.


Anyway, this year, I’m going to give up scrolling.

Okay, yes. I get that if you’ve got this far, you’ll have done quite a bit of scrolling.

Mostly because I try to break the text up for you when I’m blogging to make it easier on your eyes.

It almost feels like writing poetry sometimes…


BUT, the point is, this Lenten challenge is about breaking a bad habit that so many of us are getting sucked into.


Question: How many social media accounts do you have?

Come on now, be honest.


I’ve got…


… and luckily I don’t have a smart phone, so I’m excluded from Instagram.

That makes 6 things at least to be updating and checking…

And I even managed to get distracted just linking to them now.


I could give up social media for Lent.

But that’s too mainstream…

… and frankly, I don’t think it really works. Just banning yourself from something means you’ll probably go for a glut as soon as you get back on.

No, I’m talking about will power – use it, but don’t waste your life on it.


What I think I look like:

By giving up scrolling for Lent, I’m making myself aware of the time I’m losing.

Time that’s being sucked into the computer.

It means that when I find myself starting to scroll down the feed with no real purpose, I check myself.

Hey, what are you doing Emily?

What are you doing?

And if I can’t answer that question, I close the window and do something more useful.


What I actually look like:


I’ve even removed the 2 finger swipe from my laptop.

That’s right. I just made the actual act of scrolling even harder.

(Windows 10 users, it’s in Mouse -> Clickpad Settings, click the Clickpad Settings button and untick that box!)


So I’m not going to get dragged into accidentally scrolling through a feed…

Particularly because at the moment, I now have to think twice about which direction my finger needs to move to make the screen go down!


What I’d rather look like:


Instead, I’m going to use my time to do things I enjoy….

… like lying precariously on broken trees with the prospect of getting both myself and my favourite novel soaking wet.

I’ll blog more often (Honest! I’ve got something up my sleeve).

I’ll design more knitting patterns.

I’ll knit precariously on broken trees…


Who’s in?

What are you going to use your time to do?