The Tentacle Cycling Project

Start from your front door, with a map of your area. Cycle every yellow and orange road, spreading further and further as you go. The edge of the map is your limit.

What is Tentacling?

Okay, so you’ve probably hear of Everesting on a bike? You go up hills until you reach the height of Everest. Tentacling is to Everesting as spreading out is to going up. You choose a point to start and cycle every road spreading out from the point over time.

What’s this About?

I realised fairly recently that I am rubbish at doing exercise for no reason. Know yourself: I know that I use cycling as a way to get somewhere. You will rarely ever catch me going for a bike ride for the sake of going for a bike ride.

Very occasionally I’ll go for a spin for an hour, just to get out of the house. But it requires far more pep talk than if I need to get somewhere. That’s why I was doing a 40 mile round trip commute by bike before I started working from home. It took basically the same time as the bus.

Turns out that though I need some purpose, it doesn’t have to be a particularly big or good one. In fact, it turns out that just wanting to cycle every road in the area is enough. I’m the kind of person who likes ticking lists, scratching off scratch maps and collecting stickers… The act of marking off a map gets my psyched.

How to Play?

The beauty of this game is that anyone can play anywhere. You don’t even need a bike – you could do the same challenge walking or running. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Get a map of your area (or a way to mark off roads)
  2. Pick your start point (maybe your house!)
  3. Get cycling!
  4. Tag with #tentacling to share with us 🙂

It’s really that simple. Start drawing those pretty tentacles.

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