Who I am and why I can help

1. If you are looking for adventure inspiration

Excellente! Adventuring is what I love best. Telling stories about said adventures comes a close second.

  • Read the most recent posts on my blog.
  • Find out about all my adventures, mega to micro here.
  • Check out my Bucket List for some ideas.

2. If you are looking for practical advice

Great news – that means you’re already talking steps to having your own adventure. There are loads of useful articles on my blog, but to pick a few popular ones:

3. If you are a female adventurer, however timid or new

Don’t worry! There’s an amazing community of women in the outdoors to help you get started. Keep holding onto those crazy ideas and we’ll help you make them happen.

4. If you would like to work with me

  • Drop me a line here.
  • Read this page for links to previous interviews and my writing work


I spend a lot of time in the outdoors and I’m lucky enough to work with several outdoor organisations. My involvement includes being:

  • Young Adult members’ representative for Austrian Alpine Club UK
  • Mountain Rescue team member

But of course, all views on this blog are mine and mine alone.