Successes in a Disaster Year

Emily Woodhouse Living Adventurously

This post is going to be a little recap of all the things that went right so far this year. Not because I mean to boast, but because I’ve just been made redundant. At times like these, it’s good to have a little reminder of successes. If you decide to do the same on your blog, please give me a tag so I can have a read too.

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I Wrote and Published a Book

I stayed up late signing books and felt like a proper author 🙂

This one comes first because it’s at the front of my mind right now. It’s also been something I’ve wanted to do since I was 11 years old. So I’m really very glad I finally did it. You can read about how 11 year old me bullied me into doing it this year. (And some more practical reasons for self-publishing here.) I will let you all in on the process as soon as I’ve recovered from the finish line. I learnt a huge amount about self publishing, despite all the experience I have in printing magazines already. Never mind about writing narrative non-fiction. It feels very strange to have so much of yourself available for other people to read and comment on.

If you’re curious, the book’s on Amazon here.

Also thank you to everyone who’s messaged or emailed me with kind words about the book. I promise I will get back to you as soon as I can. Thank you!

I Became a Professional Photographer

The book is Wanderlust Europe by Gestalten/Alex Roddie

Sort of. I jest. But if your criteria for “professional” is “have your work in a print book”, then I did. Having your photography accompany online or print articles doesn’t really cut it compared to appearing in a huge hardback coffee table book.

What I’d like to say about this (and will keep saying to anyone who’ll listen) is that you really don’t need to worry about having this model or that model of camera. The best you have is good enough. The full page photo from halfway up Triglav in Slovenia was taken on a smartphone. One from Ireland was taken using a video camera. Another from the Rhine was snapped from a moving bicycle on a phone. Yes I had to tidy that one up in Lightroom (the free app version) but that’s not the point. You do not need perfect to start taking photographs.

I Beat a Guinness World Record

On top of Cerro Pelado, my first 3000m+ summit in Sierra Nevada Spain

Even though I won’t hear back from Guinness officially until November, I did still beat the record for the most 3000m mountains climbed in a week. In fact I almost doubled it. Whether or not they choose to make me “officially amazing”, I did do it. That’s pretty cool.

Read more about the trip on the Spanish 3000s page.

I Moved into a Place of My Own

This kind of freedom… 😀

A bitter-sweet success. I finally moved out from living with my parents in February this year. It was a huge leap for me financially but also completely wonderful. Even if it meant spending lockdown without furniture. Having the space to breathe and work and write and exist has been lovely. I don’t want to leave. I’ll do whatever I can to keep renting this lovely little home I’ve created for myself.

(Saying that, please don’t worry. I’ll be alright. If adventure teaches you anything it’s how to be prepared and adapt quickly. It feels like half the world is being made redundant at the moment and I’m sure it’ll make a good story in 5 years time. Equally if you happen to know anyone who could use a writer/SEO/marketing/data/adventure sort of person, then do let me know!)