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Before we go any further, if you’ve got an idea that you’d like to pitch me, then please just scroll straight to the bottom of this page to get in touch. I’m always open to the interesting and unexpected, so please don’t be put off if what you’re thinking doesn’t fit into any of the categories below. Let’s chat!

Expeditions and Trips

Putting this up first because shy bairns get nowt. I would love to hear about your expeditions, challenges, trips, events… I’m most likely to say no because of the timings than anything else (I usually book up a good 3 months in advance). Having done lots of solo adventures, I’d very much like to balance that out with being part of a team or new group of friends.

I particularly love mountains and that’s where most of my experience lies – whether that’s hiking, trekking, mountaineering (inc winter) or via ferrata. I’ve also got a lot of experience cycle touring, living out of bags or panniers for months on end and sleeping on the floor. You’ll find a pretty comprehensive list of what I’ve done here. But I have a bit of a reputation for being “up for anything” (although anything involving a planned uncontrolled fall from height is a hard nope). I’m curious to get more into paddling and bikepacking. I would deeply love to climb an unclimbed mountain.

My upcoming projects aren’t always announced, so please do get in touch (contact form at the bottom of page) to enquire about sponsoring upcoming expeditions or adding me to your team. I’m always interested in talking about new adventures.

It’s also worth saying that I’ve been leading in the outdoors since I was 18 and have a particular soft spot for projects helping teenagers get into hiking and camping. Without them I wouldn’t be where I am today. I’m based on Dartmoor and I’m in the local Mountain Rescue team.


  • Summer Mountain Leader
  • (Winter Mountain Leader aspirant)
  • Outdoor First Aid
  • Off Site Safety Management Course
  • NNAS Tutor
  • Intro to DofE
  • Rope Rescue Operator

Articles, Books and Copywriting

Words are my speciality. I’ve spent 2.5 years as a staff writer and 5 years freelancing. I’ve been writing books, stories and articles since I was a child (but that’s a long story). So, what can I do for you? My experience is pretty broad – everything from jazzing up automated emails to producing brochures on Inheritance Tax. Here are some ideas:

  • Write an article that is interesting to read and ranks well on Google.
  • Nail a brand voice and turn a dull SEO article into an entertaining read.
  • Rewrite product descriptions or other web text to be concise and compelling.
  • Interview someone and craft a feature article.
  • Gear reviews for a variety of publications.
  • UX copywriting: providing clear information whilst keeping brand voice alive.
  • Routes: I have a Mountain Leader Summer qualification and have been leading groups in the mountains since 2012. This has left me with a huge mental database of walks and scrambles across the entire UK.

bylines 2022

You can see some of my past work here, or ask me if you’d like specific examples. My photography is often featured alongside my words. I’ve also had some pictures published in guidebooks.

Tools I’ve used: WordPress, Contentful, Zoho, Shopify, Kajabi, Clickfunnels, Ghost CMS, Vanilla, Substack

Organic Traffic and SEO

I have 4 years’ experience in marketing, with a particular knack for getting things to the top of Google. Most notably, I helped get to position 1 for “adventure holidays” in 6 months (from 7th place). When I was working in financial services, I got 50 local advisers to the front page of search results for their area – more than half in the top 3 positions. I put this down to the unusual combination of being a writer and having a Maths degree.

I have experience producing newsletters and clarifying the full funnel to understand why people would sign up to your list in the first place. As a millennial, I know my way around social media too!

Tools I’ve used: SEMRush, Google Analytics, Google Search Console, MailChimp, Substack


A pretty broad category: I can edit across words, images and video. On the words front, I’ve proof read everything from published books and PhD theses to articles and copy. As a magazine editor, I’ve compiled article selections and laid up pages for print (across newspapers, magazines and books). Occasionally, I’ve also been asked to physically check route descriptions for guidebooks pre-publication.

For images, I know my way around the most common editing software. I’m also really interested in video as a way of storytelling.┬áMy first adventure film was shortlisted for the BMC Women in Adventure Film Competition 2019.

Tools I’ve used: InDesign, Davinci Resolve, Canva, HitFilm, Gimp, Lightroom

Brand Collaborations

I’m always open to creative brand collaborations with companies and destinations that I admire. Typically collaborations have involved words/story, social media coverage, images, films or gear review (expect a thorough and honest write up).

Here are some brands I’ve worked with. I have no preference towards brands with black/grey and yellow/orange logos, it’s just turned out that way! Feel free to help me add some more diversity.

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