Toubkal Winter

Winter Mountains in the Toubkal Range

Winter mountaineering in the Toubkal area of Morocco – kind of self explanatory really!

What’s this about?

Ah Morocco, the one that got away. This will be my third attempt to visit these illusive mountains and I’ll believe it when I’m safely installed in the hut at 3100m! The first time was a summer trip that fell through before it got anywhere. The second time I was due to fly out on the Thursday and the whole world shut its borders on Tuesday (gee thanks Covid). This time I’m hoping to at least reach Morocco, ideally reach the mountains and please let there actually be lots of snow when we get there. I’ve seen some rather bare summit photos in recent years.

The plan is go spend a week in the mountains around Toubkal, the highest peak in Morocco. We’ll acclimatise and then do some peaks and gullies and ridges – basically anything that looks interesting and fun. It’s an independently organised trip with a group of friends from Mountain Rescue.

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In Friendship With…

Well obviously with the crazy bunch of guys who want to go on this trip too. Legends.

Plus with thanks to Berghaus for sending me a pair of new Extrem trousers to try out while I’m there.