Currently I’m…

Emily Woodhouse Comment and Opinion

… finding it hard to post! Sorry for my exceptional inability to put fingers to keyboard in the last few weeks.

In fairness, I’ve been away in the Lake District for the past week – with WiFi in the bunkhouse so slow that only one person could use it at a time! We were playing chase the WiFi around the room, to see who’s device had it!

Anyway, I thought I could give you an update using one of these “don’t know what to post” blog inspiration things. Here it goes… Currently, I’m…

… Wearing

A lot of clothing from Fat Face. Weirdly.

Feels like a fashion blog to even mention my clothing if it’s not on the hill or bike.

But if you really want to know, I’m in a pair of green trousers, bright red strappy top under orange shirt under blue hoodie with an enormous hood. And of course a pair of socks with owl faces on.

… Reading

Faust by Geothe.

Yep, because I’m that cool a kid. Ideally I’d have loved to see it in the theatre, but it’s hard to take a theatre with you on a 7 hour car journey…

It says a lot about the books in our house that I can just casually pick that off the shelf. We have mostly non-fiction anyway.

But, that said, I’m quite enjoying it. So far, the devil is taking Dr Faust (scholar with wannabe magical tendencies) on a merry trip around the dubious parts of the universe. Not a bad read.

Although it is quite difficult, given it’s written in couplets.

Soo different from Shakespeare though!

… Playing

Nothing really.

I mean, I do play musical instruments. Well, kind of.

If someone asked I’d say I play the clarient, but I haven’t picked it up since university. So that makes me about 5 years out of practice.

I do also dabble in the piano (never had a lesson), but my hands are so small I can’t even stretch an octave.

But, I found this one on YouTube that I might give a go (assuming I can get enough WiFi to play a video in the room with the piano). It’s called Nuvole Bianche by Ludovico Einaudi and you don’t seem to need an octave.

… Watching

Lots. It almost feels like I’ve caught up with the whole YouTube game.

I joke.

But it does help that I’ve recently got a new laptop, which means my computer doesn’t crash every time I watch a video 🙂

So, a selection of things out of my recent history:

  • Ted Ex Talks – including Simon Sinek and 7 Ways to Talk to Anyone because I’ve got an interview on Friday and who doesn’t find them awkward?
  • Knitting Podcasts – I really quite like Hey Sister Podcast, although I can rarely make it through a whole 1 hour in one sitting. I’ve also just started my own Travelling Lines Podcast on Facebook Live. Please don’t laugh too hard, the webcam quality sucks but I’ll get a new camera as soon as I can afford it. Any recommendations for HD webcams that are actually 1080p HD?
  • Aaand a cheeky bit of the odd side of YouTube. Have you seen the mash up of the new Beauty and the Beast and Harry Potter? Happy procrastination.

… Smelling

Errrmmm? The sofa.

It’s got this musty antique-y smell to it.

… Trying

To finish the presentation for my interview on Friday.

It’s almost done, it’s just that last little bit that’s causing me issues. Example of the 80/20 rule maybe?

Also trying to sort my life out.

Trying to make enough money to be able to live independently. (Yes I live with my parents like so many other 20 somethings…)

But, in the great words of Master Yoda “Do or do not. There is no try.”

… Cooking

Nothing. Told you I live at home, didn’t I? 😉

… Eating

Um, food? I wouldn’t say I’m that adventurous in terms of what I eat.

Super excited for eating pancakes next week though!

… Drinking

Hot water.

Yes, you heard me. It’s like tea without the tea bag.

Comment below if you’re part of the growing crowd of awesome people who drink this 🙂

I’m noticing a transition from “That’s really weird” to “I have a friend who does that”.

… Pinning

Like crazy. Well kind of.

I started a Pinterest account a little while back and now I’ve actually got some followers!

If you haven’t seen it and would like to scroll through lots of pictures of mountains, adventure travel destinations and knitwear it’s here.

Make my day and help me get up to 50 subscribers 🙂

… Tweeting

With the #OutdoorBloggers chat.

I love you guys. What a great way to spend an hour.

They’re always pretty manic, but you are hands down the friendliest twitter chat I’ve been in so far.

Thank you!

Plus you have humoured my Extreme Adventure Knitting very well 😉

… Thanking

My parents for letting me live with them whilst I sort my life out. (As per here)

My lucky stars that I’m part of a Mountain Rescue team. It absolutely makes my week.

You for getting so far in this post!

It’s getting pretty long and I’m nowhere near the end of the list of ‘currently-s’ so I’ll probably leave off here and save some more for next time.

If there’s anything you’d like me to post about particularly, then please do comment below and ask. I’ve had so many experiences recently: two trips to the Lakes, Wales, Austria, cycle touring in Europe but I haven’t a clue how to start telling you about them. Do you prefer my rambles or a succinct information post?

Thanks again,