Extreme Adventure Knitting

Extreme Adventure… Knitting? Knitters Like You’ve Never Seen Them Before

Emily Woodhouse Extreme Adventure Knitting

Extreme Adventure What? Extreme Adventure Knitting is an up and coming outdoor activity for those with crafty inclinations. It’s taking the much heard ‘Knitting on the Edge’ maxim to a whole new level.

How to Become an Extreme Adventure Knitter

In four simple steps…

1. Find an Edge

Be it the edge of a cliff, the edge of a camel or the edge of reason.

We are knitters on the edge.

Make people cry EAK!

2. Tell a Story

Are you a scuba diver who’s knitting a coral reef?

Or just passing the time on an inaccessible stack of rock?

Bored of white water rafting halfway down stream?

Why wait? Just get the knitting out. Extra points for props, humour and general awesomeness.


The bigger the contrast the better.

Extreme. Adventure. An unassuming moment of knitting.

Think outside the box and have fun.

4. Pick Yarn, Needles and Go

Plan for the perfect photo. Or be spontaneous.

Maybe the yarn and the knitted item are an important part of the scene.

Or perhaps you’ve stumbled across the perfect location and just need something on needles.

Either way, it doesn’t count if you’re not knitting.

You can’t even crochet.

Nul points.

5. Get the Evidence

Take a picture, make a video, or record it in interpretive dance.


The important bit is to show the world and tag it with #ExtAdvKnitting, or #EAK if you’re short of space (Twitter I’m looking at you).

Be part of the movement to prove that knitting isn’t just for quiet, boring people in armchairs.

Sure you can do that too, but we want the world to know that knitting can be crazy, risky and hilarious fun. Once you take it out of it’s comfort zone.

And we are the people to do that.

The Rules

Yes that’s right. Pay attention at the back.

1. Intrepid ≠ Stupid

Be safe. Look awesome.

These are not mutually exclusive.

Not much more to say about that. Don’t be the person chasing a ball of yarn over a cliff.

Extreme Adventure Knitting Rule 2

2. Extreme AND Adventure

Interpret as you will, but it must include both.

Extreme knitting can, after all, mean knitting with broom handles. We don’t want to upset these knitters. (Who wants to upset someone with two hefty wooden poles?)

We’ve got to get out and explore the world too. Extreme is not enough on its own. But nor is adventure.

Go get creative.

Extreme Adventure Knitting Rule 3

3. Fun, Friendly and Absolutely Fluffily Brilliant

Let’s call for a little common sense here.

Do not tresspass, terrorise or damage in the name of knitting.

This is a fun sport for all and we don’t want profanities (or the police) anywhere near the picture.

Unless, of course, the police are knitting.

Okay, I’m In – What Next?

As a great knitter (archaeologist?) once said, “You’ve got to get out of the yarn shop and into the field.”

Get out there, show the world what knitters can do, and share the knitting craziness.

Share your Extreme Adventure Knitting with #ExtAdvKnitting.
Or #EAK if you haven’t got room…

Good luck 🙂