Learn to Knit Course COMING SOON!

Emily Woodhouse Business and Marketing

Wonder why I’ve been so quiet lately? I’ve been slaving away, creating a beautiful new knitting course! It’s hard work because I have to film in the evenings when I can get some silence.

My journey started almost FOUR MONTHS ago. That’s when I started designing the course and the patterns to go with it. I wanted it to be the perfect way to learn to knit for someone who’s never touched needles before.

I was very lucky to be taught one-on-one by my Mum. Many new knitters don’t have someone to show them. They are left scrambling alone in the dark with picture tutorials (bleugh!) or a hundred million YouTube videos. I wanted to create something that replicated the process I went through with my Mum all those years ago.

The whole course is based around projects, because it’s so much more fun to work towards something than just practising techniques over and over. Or worse, knitting test squares (double bleugh!)

So, here we are, in the Knitting Den.

Last night, I felt like I wasn’t getting anywhere. I’d been doing so much filming but I wasn’t even half way. It was demoralising.

So I added up the lengths of all the video footage I’d recorded and guess what I got? OVER 2 HOURS!!

And I’m not even half way.

That’s why, if you guys want to learn to knit, you should totally do this course. It is going to be THOROUGH. I will never go too fast or leave you to work out how one step follows from the next. Never. I promise.

If you want to be the first to hear about all my Knit It courses, get discounts or a free Crash Course to Knitting (when I’ve filmed it!) click on the NEW KNITTING COURSE link on the menu bar. Do it!

Better still, the course is still being made. So, if there’s something you think should go in it – let me know in the comments below. I’ll see what I can do 🙂