A Little Knitting Update

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It’s been a while since I’ve talked to you about knitting. Sorry about that! If we’re doing excuses, it’s kind of because I’ve been out of the country for 3 months. But also, because there’s just been so much knitting going on, I haven’t had time to talk about it!

Knit It Courses

Learn to Knit It: Complete 7 Simple Projects

This is what has been taking up most of my time. As you know, I managed to release my first super beginner knitter course in July – just before I ran away to the world… It was an exceptionally joyous occasion for me. I had started making the course 8 months earlier and it was starting to drive me crazy.

Learn to Knit It is an epic 9.5 hours of teaching, taking students from absolutely never knitted to competent beginner knitter. It covers everything from casting on, knitting and purling, right the way through to designing your own pattern charts. The course is structured around 7 projects, which I’ve put on Ravelry so you can take a peek.


Project 1 – Scarf
Project 2 – Teddy Bear
Project 3 – Phone Pouch
Project 4 – Fingerless Gloves
Project 5 – Beanie Hat
Project 6 – Cushion Cover
Project 7 – Blanket

There are only 16 students on the course at the moment so, if you want to get lots of personal help, now is the time to join! Better still, it’s nearly Black Friday, so you can get all 9.5 hours for £10 or $10.

Check it out here: Learn to Knit It: Complete 7 Simple Projects

That's me!
That’s me!

Knitting Crash Course: Learn to Knit It Now

When I got back from camping, hiking, mountaineering and cycle touring, I realised something. There are probably loads of people who want to learn to knit, but aren’t quite ready for a full-on 9.5 hour covers-everything course.

With this in mind, I’ve made a crash course. It’s less than 1 hour long and teaches the very basics of knitting. Think of it as a quick start course. In it, I cover casting on and off, knit, purl and then we knit a multi-coloured scarf together.

The course is based off Project 1 from Learn to Knit It, but I’ve pared it right down to the very basics.

And do you know what’s crazy? The crash course launched 1 week ago today and there are 338 students on board already! Actually, make that 339. Who says that knitting is a dying art, eh?

Want a slice of the action? It’s FREE right here: Knitting Crash Course: Learn to Knit It Now


There are three things going on in the patterns front. Obviously, there’s Aotara already up on Ravelry. You can read about it or take a look at its pattern page.


Then, there’s a new pair of Celtic knotted fingerless gloves. I’m in the process of writing up the pattern now, so if you like cables, watch this space!

Finally, I have a mystery item for you. Is it a cowl? Or a jumper? Or a scarf? You’ll just have to wait and see…