Lake District End to End Walk

Walking from the bottom right corner of the Lake District to the top left corner. In winter.

What’s this about?

There is no big story behind this trip. It’s just a case of two people saying “that would be fun” and then actually seeing it through to reality.

I often spend a winter week in the Lake District each year. It all started with a conversation that went something like:

“Wouldn’t it be funny if we got dropped off early and walked up to Braithwaite from the bottom of the Lakes?”

“Yeah, that sounds fun.”

“Shall we do it next year?”


Aside from this, it would be good to get some expedition experience in winter conditions – I have never camped in the snow. That is if the weather will participate. And of course, to get to Pillar, the one big mountain in the Lake District that I haven’t climbed yet.

The Route

Pending complete confirmation. Getting dropped either at Tebay Services, or a junction just before. Walking from roughly that area across the Lakes, then north to tick off Pillar and into Braithwaite.

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