5 Adventurous Reasons Why I Haven’t Had Time to Blog

Emily Woodhouse Comment and Opinion

Yes, okay, this might be the biggest cop out post of them all! But I feel like I owe you guys some explanation as to why I’ve been silent. Luckily for you, they are all good reasons that involve the outdoors, adventure, getting wet, muddy and happy.

1. Dartmoor Rescue

Last weekend, we organised a walking event in aid of Dartmoor Rescue. I was the registrations officer and so pretty busy beforehand sorting out who was in which team, logistics and the like.

Thought the work would end with the event?

Oh Emily, how silly.

I’m still counting up the cash and taking donations (which is a massive YAY, thank you everyone!).

2. British Exploring Challenge

I’m helping out with the British Exploring Dartmoor Challenge this weekend.

I can’t say too much about it, so it’s still a surprise for the participants (sneaky sneaky) but it should be great fun all round!

3. Freelance Outdoors Writing

I’ve been writing articles and pitching. I also realise that I’ve said “sure” to quite a few guest posts that just haven’t happened yet. I will get on to you, I promise. Email me again if you haven’t heard from me.

There are also several pretty cool writing competitions going on at the moment. Have you seen:

  1. Armchair Mountaineer’s Writing Competition
  2. Cassandra Jardine Memorial Prize
  3. Bradt’s Travel Writing Competition

If not, go and take a little peek…

4. Adventure Planning

I have some ideas for crazy adventures in 2018.

I am trying not to give myself too much time to plan them at the moment, because I don’t know how much holiday I’ll be able to take.

But I’m a bit of a dreamer and keep finding myself pouring over maps of the UK and trying to find out if hiking maps of the top of Norway exist… oops!

There are several grants with closing dates soon, so I need to decide if I’m serious or not.

5. Making Intrepid Magazine Happen

You’ve heard about the women focused adventure outdoor magazine right?

If not, get on it: What Women Want in Adventure an Outdoors

If yes, please go and tell a friend.

Cogs are working in the background and hopefully something will be happening soon!