Cycling from Cambridge to Plymouth via Switzerland on a Tandem

50 days in Europe, 2276 miles cycled, 140 herons (don’t ask), 136 waves received, 87 midge bites, 83 performance enhancing pastries, 50 baguettes, 33 ice creams, 30 other tandems, 7 countries, 5.5 jars of peanut butter, 4 legs and 3 standing ovations.

What’s this about?

Sometime in the middle of 2016, Joe and I decided to quit our jobs to go cycling. It wasn’t that we hated our jobs, there were a few other things going on and we wanted some freedom… Let’s be honest, a casual 3 months off isn’t usually allowed, particularly if you’re not sure when you’re getting back!

We decided to cycle to Switzerland and back. We did it on a tandem bicycle. Not because I needed dragging at the back, but because it’s hilarious fun, easier to chat and incredibly fast down hill. Plus we do like to be a bit different.

Where did you go?

I have a map of where we went exactly (we used a tracker along the way). I’ll insert it here.

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The Trip in Order

I’ll try to write posts in chronological order, but just in case I’m feeling uninspired, here’s the full list of posts as they happened in life (great for catching up with the story too).

This will be updated as I write…

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